Christ’s Return 2028

Dedicated to the LORD


“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”

Matthew 13:16-17


About the Book

 “I was lying in bed reading the Bible as I often do before I go to sleep. It was June 6, 2007 A.D. and I was studying some biblical numbers as they have always fascinated me. I knew in my heart that God had a reason why he was so specific detailing certain events, but I could never figure out why He did since the numbers had very little significance to the spiritual doctrine of most passages. I didn’t realize how true my feelings were or how much this night was going to affect me. Noah’s account of the flood always bothered me. I wondered why did it have to rain 40 days and 40 nights? Why not 52.5 days or some other number? Why did the flood start the 17th day of the second month? Why did Jesus rise from the dead on the third day? Why was it not some other number? Why did God even mention this kind of detail since it really didn’t matter? He could just have easily said it rained until the whole earth was flooded. It seemed the number 40 was everywhere in scripture.


    Well that night moved along quickly as they normally did when I read and just around 2am it struck me like a hammer. I was using my calculator doing some figuring, which I usually did when I was studying the Lord’s numbers, and it happened. I don’t remember now the details of what I was reviewing, but I do remember I calculated the year of the flood was 1,657 years from Adam’s creation by assuming God’s punishment for the original sin was seven ‘sevens’. Applying that assumption to some hypothetical calendar math resulted in this discovery and that was the beginning of my new journey with God.”


    Over the next six months as I wrote this book, I was shown God’s plan for mankind from the beginning of Creation to the remaking of the Heavens and Earth… and awesome responsibility because along the journey the timing of Christ’s return was uncovered. I was shown how God uses numbers, His plan, details of the antichrist, and many, many more details in a language that none can dispute… mathematics!


About the Author


    R. H. Vargo is retired and lives in the Midwest. He is married and has three grown-up children. He has no formal theological training other than years of self-study and shepherding from great pastors. He is an engineer by training and is knowledgeable in the areas of financial investing, eschatology, dieting & health, mathematics, computer software, and many other subjects. He is a regular “jack-of-all trades” and master of none. He is an avid reader of science fiction, prophecy, and the Bible. His favorite authors are Robert Jordan, Kate Elliott, Terry Goodkind, John Walvoord, Marvin J. Rosenthal and others. This is his first book and he says it will probably be his last unless the Lord plans on using him again in the remaining time left before His return.


                                          Copyright 2008


Have you ever won-dered why GOD uses so many numbers in the Bible?


2028 reveals GOD's Plan in a way that all can understand by using math...  the solution has been in the bible for all those years!



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New Release (12/2008)


     In early 2008 I realized the need to simplify, clarify and expand on some of the things covered in “2028” for those who find mathematics harder to understand. I began writing my next book that would deal with these issues as well as deal with the rapture, the Tribulation, and the last years before Jesus’ return. This book is expected to be finished at the end of 2008. The preliminary title for this book is “Tribulation (God’s plan for the End-Times)” and a sneak preview of the book is below.



Excerpt from the book …

Introduction to “Tribulation (God’s Plan for the End-Times)”


“After writing my first book I was sure that it would be my last. I‘m not a writer and really had no intentions of writing any books in my lifetime. But God has a way of using us as He wishes whether we want Him to or not. After finishing “2028”, I realized there were a few things that troubled me, which I had not addressed adequately. The first was the heavy use of mathematics made it hard for many to read and comprehend the revelation that God had a plan for mankind. My daughter said, “it was like reading a college textbook.” I thought by using mathematics no one would be able to refute what I had written. But I was mistaken. Not in that they could refute it, but that they would even try. Some still did not believe it was possible to know when Christ would return because of their preconceived beliefs and their inability to grasp the mathematical concepts. In other words, they argued against what was written without really understanding the prophecies and mathematics that provided the foundation of the conclusions.

Another point that was lacking in the first book was a clearer understanding of the rapture. Not what the rapture is, but whether there is going to be a rapture of the church and when this event would take place if there is one. This was not something the Holy Spirit revealed to me nor did I do a thorough study of scripture to find this truth. This was not the focus “2028”. That focus was to show that God had a plan for mankind from the very beginning and that He was working His plan.

Now I don’t want to misrepresent that I haven’t studied the theology of the rapture idea - quite the contrary. I have spent many years studying what others have written on this topic, but have been unable to come to the reality of it because I see some truth in all positions put forth by other biblical scholars on this matter. But I really haven’t done a lot of self-study with just the Bible as my foundation to see where this path might lead. Understanding more and more of God’s plan for mankind opens one’s eyes to seeing how other ideas fit and I believe I now have a better understanding of where this piece fits.

Lastly, I began to realize that just because I had told you the year and season of Christ’s return that might not be enough. Scripture reveals many details about this period of future history that will aid Christians during these terrible times… what to expect and what is expected of us. My hope is to prepare you for what is to come by telling you as plainly as I can in terms that all can understand. Some of the things may be open to interpretation and in these cases I will give you my best interpretation in the hopes it may help… realizing these things may never come to pass because I was not shown any visions for these future events. And if I have ever had prophetic dreams, which is possible, I have never recognized them as such and clearly I am unable to interpret them. These are spiritual gifts that the Lord has not blessed me with at this time.

All my prophecy interpretations are based on other scripture interpretations, insight from the Holy Spirit, projections of current “earthly” trends, common sense, and my understanding of God’s plan, His use of numbers, and Satan’s plan of deceiving unbelievers by “mimicking” the real plan. Maybe as I write this book, the Lord will unveil the truth to me with greater conviction and power as he did in the first book and if I write things that are untrue I would pray for His forgiveness should my words ever lead some astray. My intent is only to prepare those Christians of the coming wrath and inform them of their responsibilities during this time. To provide advanced training so they will be better equipped to handle what is expected of them.

But before we get into the details of this period of time… the “tribulation” period, I will spend some time briefly covering the basics of God’s overall plan from my first book (2028) for those who never read it. It is important to realize and believe there is a plan God is working from so that these details of the end-time can be seen more clearly. It is impossible to just look at a very small section of a picture and gain any additional knowledge without glimpsing the whole picture. My hope is that by knowing what the future holds you may find the inner peace necessary to persevere during these cataclysmic times.”