God’s Plan for Mankind

God’s Overall Plan

  God has a plan and He is working His plan. This plan was determined at the be-ginning of creation. A plan for mankind that has been hidden in the words of the Bible and its prophecies for centuries.


    A simplified version or understanding of this plan is shown to the right and revels many things to those who study it… In my book these secrets are unlocked to show unbelievable things that the Lord wants you to know just before His return.


    This version of the plan shows the beginning of creation to when Christ re-turns in 2028 A.D. at His second coming - after un-believable natural disasters, the War of Gog (Russia and the Arabs attacking Israel), World War III’s nuclear war, the rise of the antichrist as the dictator (President) of the European Union, the false prophet (President of the European Central Bank), a one world cashless economy requiring a world ID… the “mark of the beast” and the decline and replacement of the United States as the only super power on earth. These are just some of the signs in these remaining last days



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One “Season” of Mankind


This is a calendar for “one season” of man from God perspective.  It covers 12,000 “prophetic” years (G-years) or 12,175 (12,000 years x 365.25 days / 360 days) years of human history. God’s “prophetic” years are 360-day years while the earth has 365.25-days and so an adjustment has to be made if you want to talk about timing from Man’s perspective.   


After Creation

    Adam was created at the end of the 6th day… the 6,000th “prophetic” year and this started the clock of history… His story… the story of Christ which all of mankind has been part of. This part of God’s plan is divided into three equal parts… three trimesters of 2,000 “prophetic” years each.  These 2,000 “prophetic” years really equate to 2,029 years and two months (2,000 x 365.25/360) of recorded history each.

The “Times of Adam”

    The “Times of Adam” are the first block of time and it covers the events from the creation of Adam until the first promise given to Abraham at the age of 75 that he would be the father of a new nation that would be God’s people… the Israelites… the Jews.  This block of time is 2029 year long and is known as the time of lawlessness… the beginning Times… the first trimester and it was during the Age of Taurus.

The “Times of the Jews”

    The “Times of the Jews” are the second period of time and it covers the events from Abraham’s promise to the birth of Christ.  This block of time is 2029 year long also and is known as the time of law… the second trimester, the middle Times and it coincided with the Age of Aries.

The “Times of the Gentiles”

    The “Times of the Gentiles” are the third block of time and it covers the events from Christ’s birth until Christ returns.  This block of time is 2029 year long by symmetry and is also known as the time of grace… the third trimester and the end times.  This period of history occurred during the Age of Pisces.

The Millennial Kingdom

    The “Millennial Kingdom” is 1,014 years and seven months long (1,000 prophetic years) and will follow the three trimesters of man’s rule with half a trimester of Christ’s rule before heaven and earth are remade.  This period of time will be during the Age of Aquarius.

7,000 Prophetic Years

    The total time for mankind is 7,000 prophetic years from God’s perspective… one week on God’s calendar in heaven. Six days of work (man) followed by one day of rest during Christ’s reign… or as God says succinctly  “Time (2,000 G-years), Times (4,000 G-years) and half a Time (1,000 G-years) for His whole plan.