“2028”… The Condensed Analysis


  In June 2007, I was studying the Bible and I was shown the timing of Noah’s Flood. This understanding was so incredible that the next morning I began writing my first book “2028”. As I wrote this book, God continued to show me His entire plan for mankind in various ways. Although I never intended to write about Christ’s return when I began, God had a different plan. As a result of seeing His plan, I was shown the timing of Christ’s second coming. Not only was this timing uncovered, but I was also shown it many different ways (hidden within the Bible) that all came to the same time for this event... the autumn of the year 2028 A.D.!


    Now it’s impossible to tell you everything that was opened for me by the Holy Spirit without you reading that book. Furthermore, I don't believe everything I wrote will stand-up as the complete truth. The Bible says a true prophet of God can be identified from a false prophet because they proclaim only the word, they warn of future events, and one hundred percent of everything they predict comes true. To make this clear, I did not receive any visions or dreams that led me to these truths. Many of the “eurekas” and “breakthroughs” I had were while I was wide-awake. Others came to me after prayer or sleeping. Some of these inspirations and insights really are hard to believe like calculating Christ would return on Christmas in the year 2028.


    Now the purpose of this article is to try and condense many of these proofs of the timing of Christ's return into as small a space as possible so that you too can see there is no doubt as to the year. How many times does one need to be told or shown something before they can understand or believe it? Some people take but one time, others take a few more, and some people no matter how you show them, explain it to them or teach them, they never understand. Let's pray you are not one of those for then I fear your heart may be truly hardened. It took Pharaoh ten plagues to believe (because his heart was hardened) before he would let the Israelites leave Egypt.


    I will show you ten different ways that prove Christ will come in the year 2028 and there are even a few more. I like the number ten because it is the number of completion and if I can't convince you after showing you ten different ways, then you may need to do some soul searching or studying with the word. I have been unable to determine the day or the hour and I find comfort in this knowledge because it confirms the Lord’s word; “no one knows the day or the hour except the father in heaven.” But the season and the year are undeniable.


Method 1 (Daniel 10-12… The Kings of the South and the North Prophecy)


    “Time, Times and ˝ a Time”... this is a term you will find at the end of Daniel 10-12 that is the answer given to the amount of time from the Persian Empire to the return of Christ when He sets up His earthly kingdom. This is also an algebraic problem where:


Time = t,

Times = 2t,

& ˝ Time = ˝t


and so we now have 3.5t. If we knew how much time “t” represented, then wouldn’t we know the time of Christ’s return? All Daniel’s prophecies start with the decree given to Ezra on March 21, 458 B.C from Artaxerxes the Persian King at that time. This was the third decree of four total from Persian kings. If we check every number for “t” (brute force technique) we find the number 700 is the right number. How do we know that? Well that is a long story, but a quick answer is this number is the number of perfection {7} multiplied by an “intermediate” number of completion {10x10}. So 3.5 multiplied by 700 yields 2,450 “PROPHETIC” years from Ezra’s decree to Christ’s return and this covers the historical period from Persia to Jesus’ return.


    Now “PROPHETIC” years are 360-day years and are from God’s perspective and they are not 365.25-day years which are from our perspective and so we need to make one last calculation to this number and ALL of Daniel's prophecies to get the true answer in earth years.


2,450 x (365.25/360) = 2,485.73 years... earth years... regular time.


    So -457.78 (March 21, 458 B.C.; B.C. numbers are negative) + 2,485.73 years = 2,027.95. We need to add one more year because we crossed the B.C./A.D. threshold and there is no “zero” year to get an actual date. This gives us 2028.95 A.D. as the ending date. The .95 portion of this date when converted gives us a day (.95 x 365.25)... December 12. Lastly, when the world went from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar some days were added to adjust for the accumulated drift to the seasons. When you make this correction you arrive at December 25, 2028... You can check the truth of this by putting the date in this website calendar conversion program (http://www.abdicate.net/cal.aspx).


Method 2 (Daniel 9… Seventy ‘Sevens’ Prophecy)


    Daniel chapter 9 implies there will be seventy ‘sevens’ (weeks) before the final remaking of heaven and earth... when everything is finished. Daniel then separates out 7 ‘weeks’ and 62 ‘weeks’; then another 1 ‘week’ and tells you some things that will happen at these break points. For instance, after the 69 ‘weeks’ (7 and 62) the Messiah will be “cut-off (die)”. Let’s do that calculation so you can see the proof that all these are “prophetic” years and need to be converted... even though this prophecy pertains to the Messiah’s first coming.

The Messiah is “cut-off” Prophecy


    The first of Nisan in 458 B.C. (3303 A.M.) was when Ezra officially left to go to Jerusalem (Ezra 7:8). This was March 9, 458 B.C. (www.abdicate.net/cal.aspx). However, Ezra really didn’t leave until the 12th of Nisan after getting things together (Ezra 8:31). This would have been March 21st (Vernal Equinox) and the day Artaxerxes gave him the decree mentioned in Daniel’s seventy ‘sevens’ to aid him in his journey through the Persian Empire.


    We need to start counting 69 ‘weeks of years’... or 483 (69 x 7) “prophetic” years from this date until the Messiah is “cut-off (crucified)”. But prophetic years are 360-day years and not 365.25-day years (or more accurately 365.2421199-day years since the standard 365.25-day year is really an approximation) so we need to make a modification to account for this. Since the prophecy was given from God's perspective of “360-day” years we need to adjust these years into “365-day” years so we can compare this prophecy to actual history.


    Therefore, 483 prophetic years are actually…


483 x  (365.2421199/360) or 490.03318 earth-years...

or 490 years and 13 days.


    Wow!  By making this adjustment we basically gained one additional  ‘week’ as Daniel would say.  Adding this amount of time to the 12th of Nisan (March 21, 458 B.C.) gives us Friday, April 3, 33 A.D. as the exact date of Jesus’ crucifixion! Those who use the word of God as being completely true… completely reliable… know this to be the day of our Lord’s death!


    This is an example of using “prophetic” years that comes to an exact date. Jesus said, “no one knows the day or the hour (of His second coming only)”. He did not say this applied to everything in the Bible. This prophecy not only confirms the day, but if I knew the hour of the signing of the decree it would probably predict the hour of his death which we already know was around 3pm. Those who teach “no one can know the time” twist the truth of God's word and also extrapolate it to other parts of scripture (which in some cases is appropriate).  It’s clear in this case that practice is in error. The mathematics proves this to be a false assumption. Let’s continue.


    Daniel’s prophecy of the seventy ‘weeks’ was one I prayed to the Lord for understanding and He showed me that Christ would return after 5 periods of 70 ‘weeks’... or 5 periods of 490 (70 x 7) “prophetic” years... 490 x 5 = 2,450 “prophetic” years.  The same number we arrived at in method 1!  Doing all the same calculations would get us to the same exact end date of 2028.  I searched the Internet and there is another website (http://www.returntogod.com/jubilee/jubileehypothesis.htm) that wrote another book that calculated our Lord’s return in 2027 A.D., but their starting point was in error and they should have calculated 2028.  It stated the authors had a revelation from God in 1997 that told them there would be 7 ‘weeks’ of “Jubilees years” before Christ’s return.  Jubilee years are 50 year periods... so 7 ‘weeks’ is 7 x 7 = 49 Jubilees... or 49 x 50 = 2,450 years.  The same result I got, but with a different answer when I asked God for the meaning.  They assumed these were regular years and started counting from the 1st Jubilee year after Ezra’s decree and this would have worked too, but they had the wrong starting year and hence got the wrong ending year or they missed adding a year when crossing the BC/AD date threshold which would cause the same error... but they received from the Holy Spirit the same answer and the same number of years (2,450) as I had.

Method 3 (The 15th year of Tiberius)


   The 15th year of Tiberius (Tiberius Caesar took the throne in August 14 A.D.) was August 28 A.D. to August 29 A.D.  John the Baptist began his preaching in the spring of the 15th year... this could only mean that he began to preach in the spring of 29 A.D. because that was the only spring in the 15th year of Tiberius.  Since John was a Levite he would begin his service to the Lord on his 30th birthday and finish when he was 50 according to the Mosaic Laws.  Jesus was John's first cousin and 6 months younger and would begin His ministry in the fall of 29 A.D. when he was “about 30” just short of his 30th birthday since we now know John was 30.  When you add 2,000 years (2 days in heaven) to this date you get the fall of 2029 A.D.... but Christ says he will “cut the time short” (Matt. 24:22)... which I believe this “cut short” time will be the amount of time necessary to get to the Feast of the Tabernacles or the Day of Atonement in 2028 A.D. This is a repeat performance of the resurrection, but on a larger scale... the scale of God's overall plan. Jesus was in the tomb (gone) 2 days and rose on the morning of the 3rd day.  We see here Jesus is gone “2 days” and will return at the beginning of the 3rd day.

Method 4 (God’s Overall Plan… His Calendar)


    Creation was 7 days long... but these are 7 days in heaven and not earth days!  A day in heaven is like a “1,000 years on earth” so we have 7,000 years... But these are “prophetic” years as well and man was made at the end of the 6th day in heaven after all the animals... on the 7th day God rested. This means He rested for the first 1,000 “prophetic” years of mankind’s history.  Let’s call these “God years” or G-years from now on to simplify our further discussions since they are 360-day years from God’s perspective. 


    This was like a “week” to God... a week in heaven. Let’s call this the 1st week.  The next week is the 2nd week is God’s plan for mankind.  It covers 2,000 G-years (2 H-days. days in heaven) from Adam to Abraham’s promise (the “Times of Adam”... lawlessness).  Then there were another 2,000 G-years from Abraham to Christ’s birth (the “Times of the Jews”... the Age of Law). Next, there will be 2,000 G-years from Christ’s birth to His return (the “Times of the Gentiles”... the Age of Grace).  Lastly, there will be 1,000 G-years of Christ’s rule on earth (the Millennial Kingdom... a Sabbath of rest for God when He can relax as Christ reigns)... 7,000 G-years... another week for God. A few can calculate the time from Adam to Christ’s ministry as 4,000 years and then they add 2,000 years to get to 2028 (http://www.cephasministry.com/water/bible_believers_6000_years.html), but there are minor errors with their math like Christ starting His ministry in 28 A.D. when we now know it was 29 A.D. However, I know these are “God years” as well and using their method renders other passages from Genesis a lie as well. 


    So 2,000 God years are actually 2,000 x 365.25/360 or 2,029 years and 2 months exactly.  We now realize there was –


          2,029 years from Adam to Abraham,

2,029 years from Abraham to Christ’s birth in 2 BC and

2,029 years from the birth of Jesus to His return in 2028 A.D. (-2 B.C. + 2029.1666 years + 1 year for the BC/AD transition)! 


    Now some modern scholars want you to believe that Christ was born about 6 to 5 B.C. because of a footnote in a Josephus’ translation in 1732 A.D. by William Whiston about the death of Herod... this is a false teaching!  Old historians did not agree.  Isaac Newton quotes many “old” historians who believed the year was 2 BC in a book published in 1728 A.D. on Daniel and Revelation.  He further agrees Christ started his ministry in 29 AD.  Who do you want to believe - the Bible account and Isaac Newton (who was also a theologian and historian) to do your math, or Mr. Whiston and present day scholar's who do Satan’s work to change the “set times” as Daniel writes?


    Those that want you to believe 30 A.D. was the date of Christ’s death want you to believe the 15th year of Tiberius was 25/26 A.D… three years earlier than it really was. Check any history book that covers this period of history and I do mean any!  If you are to believe them, then you have to believe the Bible is in error on this point. In others words, a lie! The mid period of the tribulation will be 2025… 2,000 years after this false teaching.  Those that believe this lie will believe the lie the antichrist will tell them as well - that he is the Messiah because he came back 2,000 years exactly after his first coming (saying he was the Christ returned).  Saying this differently, he will promote “Method 3” to prove he is the legitimate Messiah.


    Understand this; God’s overall plan is “Time, Times and 1/2 a Time long” also where Time equals 2,000 prophetic years (G-years) or in other words –


Time (2,000),

Times (4,000), and

1/2 Time (1,000) for a total of

(7,000) G-years


from God’s perspective... one week long on God’s calendar and Christ’s return is marked on that Calendar for the year 2028.

Method 5 (2,300 Evenings and Mornings Prophecy)


   Daniel’s 2,300 “evenings and mornings”... “days”... are prophetic years. The sanctuary will be reconsecrated (Christ will return... because He is our only sanctuary) at the end of these “days”. Now I believe this to be an error in most Bibles. Why? It is reported that the eight copies of Daniel from the Dead Sea scrolls all had this part of the text damaged. The Vatican copy of the Bible has 2,400 days and even others have 2,200 days... well I'll let you decide the truth of this matter since I believe this to be another example of Satan trying to change the “set times”. If all the Bibles had the same number, then there would be no question as to the correct number. But with these different numbers it is clear some other forces have been at work.


   First 2,300 (23 x 100) isn’t a number that God would typically use, but 2,400 [(12 x 2) x (10 x 2)] is! Next, let’s go back to Daniel’s 70 ‘weeks’ prophecy to get our starting date… Ezra’s decree. This prophecy first said there was 7 ‘weeks’, but did not tell us what to do with those seven 'weeks' or what was to happen after those seven ‘weeks’. I believe this timing was separated in the text to give us a starting date for the 2,400 days because that prophecy was given 12 to 13 years earlier to Daniel with no starting date. If you subtract 7 ‘weeks’ of years or 49 G-years (49.71 years) from Ezra’s decree you get to the very beginning of 408 BC. Now this timing was given as part of the prophecy in Daniel 8, which began with the conflict between the Ram (Persia) and the Goat (Greece). This date is exactly at the mid-point between when the greatest king of Persia (Xerxes) attacks Greece for his first time and when the greatest king of Greece (Alexander) attacks Persia for his first time. If we count 2,400 “prophetic” years (2,400 x 365.25/360 = 2,435 years exactly) from Ezra’s starting time and make our 1-year adjustment for BC/AD crossing we arrive at the year 2028 (-408 BC+2435+1).


   Now you may not want to believe this, but if you count 2,300 “prophetic” years from the death of the 1st antichrist you get to his rebirth in 1979... which was a Jubilee year... but that is another story... yes the antichrist came once before just as Christ came once before... Satan the deceiver is always mimicking (copying) God's plan for humanity... that is his way to deceive Jews and some Christians at the end of this Age that he is the Messiah when he comes into power and is revealed.


Method 6 (Jubilee Years)


    Daniel’s 70 ‘weeks’... or 70 ‘sevens’ are really 70 weeks of ‘Sabbath year cycles... heptades... Jubilees’. This deeper understanding translates into 70 x 50 or 3,500 actual years. Now these are actual years because Jubilees are not “prophetic” years, but real earth years that can be measured. If we start counting from Ezra’s decree in 458 BC and move 3,500 years into the future we arrive in the spring of the year 3043 A.D. The description in Daniel 9 of the 70 ‘sevens’ is really a description of utopia... paradise... the time when heaven and earth will be remade (Revelation 21)... not a description of the Millennial Kingdom. The Millennial Kingdom will be great, but there will still be sin. However, that sin will be controlled with the “iron scepter” of Christ's rule and not influenced by the Devil who will be chained up for that time period... in other words, there will be a lot less sinning going on... a new beginning with Christians only and all those things and people who caused sin in the past Ages will be “weeded out” by Jesus' angels and thrown in the Lake of Fire at His second coming.


    So we know the date of the remaking of heaven and earth and we need to subtract the time for the Millennial Kingdom to get to the date of our Lord's return. Most would subtract 1,000 years, but we now know these are G-years from God’s perspective and are really 1,014 years and seven months exactly (1,000 x 365.25/360 = 1,014.58333) so when we make this last subtraction we get to autumn of 2028 (3043 - 1014.6) as the year of Christ’s return! Hmm...


Method 7 (The Microcosm of my Life)


    I prayed to God and asked him why he kept showing me all these things as I wrote my book and on September 1, 2007 (a Saturday... a Sabbath) he gave me the answer after praying and then falling asleep. I awoke from the afternoon nap with an answer; an answer that troubled me... but we do what the Lord commands if we are His. The answer was my life was a microcosm of His plan... the simple version is I was born in 1958 on a Sabbath and I will be 70 years old in 2028. This revelation was seven years to the day from when I retired at 42 years old in the year 2000. I began writing my book when I was 49 years old... do you notice anything with these numbers... they all match numbers in prophecy. What an awesome responsibility for a nobody like me... a responsibility that I am currently flunking at right now... I am a voice in the wilderness crying, but no one is listening... no one will listen.

Method 8 (The Year of Jubilee)


   Jews believe the Messiah will come in a year of Jubilee, but over history they lost track of the true years these were because they were not keeping the Lord's commands. I was shown these years of Jubilee and calculated all of them from the beginning of Adam all the way to the remaking of heaven and earth using an excel spreadsheet. Counting from the decree to Ezra (which by the way is the midpoint of history... God is awesome in his use of numbers), Christ started his ministry on the 10th Jubilee in the year 28/29 A.D. and will come again after 40 Jubilees in the 50th Jubilee from Ezra's decree in the Jubilee year 2028/2029 A.D. Jesus was born on the 3rd Sabbath year 2/1 B.C. from the Jubilee year 23/22 B.C. as mentioned in Whiston's Josephus’ translation. Sabbath and Jubilee years are not measured by Gregorian dating, but by using the Jewish calendar and these years listed are translated from that calendar. The great flood was the year before the 3rd Sabbath year after the 33rd Jubilee as measured from Adam. This reckoning is another form of God's number (333.333)... but that is another subject as well. The first antichrist died on the 3rd Jubilee from Ezra’s decree and he will die again on his 49th birthday in the 50th Jubilee when Christ returns... but again that is another topic. So we see the year 2028/2029 is a year of Jubilee. To understand how these years were determined, read the article “The Jubilee Year Revelation” and study the “Sabbath/Jubilee Year Chart” provided… which were taken from the book in their entirety.

Method 9 (The “Good Samaritan” Prophecy)


    The Good Samaritan is a parable with a deeper understanding of Christ’s return... a prophecy, as it was revealed to a friend of mine. Jesus represents the Samaritan... a half breed... half Jew (man) and half God. He comes and helps an injured stranger when no one else could or would. Then the Samaritan leaves the man with an innkeeper and pays him two denarii (a denari was one day’s wage at Christ’s time) to take care of him until He returns. So we learn He will be gone for 2 days and return on the third day... just like the resurrection account... 2 days from God’s perspective is 2,000 G-years or 2,029 years. If you start when Jesus first comes (at his birth in 2 BC) to symbolize when he first meets the stranger we get the year 2028 (-2 BC + 2029 + 1) and if you start from when Christ began his ministry and just add 2,000 years we get 2029 A.D. However, we know that there will not be 2,000 years precisely because Christ says he will cut the “appointed time” short or else all life would perish. 

Method 10 (The “Fig Tree” Prophecy)


    From the sign Israel will be “reborn”... the fig tree in Matthew 24, the generation who witnesses this event will see His return. This event occurred in 1948 and if you add 80 years (Psalm 90:10) you get 2028... But I like to think the calculation goes like this... It says in Matthew 1:17,


“Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon and fourteen from the exile to Christ.”


    ... 42 generations in total. 3 trimesters of 14 generations. You have seen this kind of accounting in God's overall plan. I explained to you that from Abraham to Christ were the “Times of the Jews” the 2nd trimester of God's overall plan. The 1st trimester was the “Times of Adam” and the 3rd trimester is the “Times of the Gentiles” (42 generations... 42 months the Gentiles will trample on the Holy city)... 3 trimesters just like childbirth and each of these blocks of time are 2,029 years and 2 months long as you have learned. The first trimester had 20 generations, but after the flood man's age was limited and stabilized out. So the 42 generations mentioned in Matthew for the “Times of the Jews” covers 2029 years or 48.313 (2029.1666/42) years per generation. This math also applies to the “Times of the Gentiles.”


    Now many who have looked for the time of Christ's return started with the year 1948 because Israel became a country in that year and they added 40 years for a generation (because they believed there are passages that support this belief [1 generation in the desert after Exodus e.g.], but there are other passages that don't support this idea as well [4 generations and 400 years in another land Abraham was told e.g.]), but when they did this they got the year of 1988 as our Lord's return date and that has come and gone. These people were doing what Jesus told them to do... to keep watch. But they did not realize all the prophecies of the Bible that speak to the Lord’s return have to come to the same time and they did not know the timing for the other prophecies which you do now.


    Next, they reasoned using the starting year of 1967 and added 40 years again, but that date came and went too so now they are stuck. My first “eureka” inspired by the Holy Spirit came on the 40th anniversary of the 6-Day War in 1967 and actually passed just as I wrote about this subject in my book... a very strange coincidence. However, there are no coincidences in God's plan... it is precise, contrary to what others might tell you... back to the calculation. Both of these starting dates were obviously in error or the length of a generation was in error. Regardless of the 6-Day War when the Jews finally captured Jerusalem, the Jews did not “officially” control all of Jerusalem until July 1980 when the Jerusalem Law was passed (a “decree” by modern standards). Adding 48.313 years to July 1980 gets you to the autumn of 2028.



   There are a few more methods that will confirm this timing that are covered in the book “2028”, but if ten is not enough for you to believe, then you will not believe this revelation regardless of how many ways I show you… you will believe what you wish and do what you want because the sin of pride blinds you or you are unfamiliar with God’s word. I did the best I could to show you the condensed version of my understanding of Christ’s return. I know it is still a lot, but it is much shorter than the book version. If you have specific questions and want further clarification, just contact me and I will try to answer them... giving you the scripture verse if you are not familiar with them or giving you the exact math for the calculations.


    Take care and may God bless you in these last days as you search for the truth of His impending return.