Christ’s Return 2028                      


  If you have reached this website you are most likely searching for the truth of Christ’s return. For those of you who are Christians searching for the date of Christ’s return, you have found the truth… now what are you going to do with this knowledge? Are you going to spend your last days on the Internet trying to prove and argue that “no one knows the time”… or after studying the truth of this revelation are you going to go out and preach to your unbelieving friends and relatives… your loved ones; that Jesus is the Messiah and His blood is the only way to save yourself from the coming wrath? You already know that Christ is your personal Savior and because you believe you will be saved from an eternity in the “Lake of Fire”… but what about your loved ones?  Will they spend eternity with you? Will you spend your last days just like they did at the time of Noah or will you spend them going out and making disciples for Christ and finding His lost sheep?


    If you are not a believer and are just searching for the reason to life… or the proof of God’s existence… you have found it.  I tell you the truth; proof of God’s existence is in the Holy Bible… you only have to read it… start with the Gospels. Now if you have Christian friends they have probably told you this… but if they are like me, they are scared to tell you personally because they don’t want to offend you or hurt your feelings because they love you. But because they love you, they should be sharing with you the knowledge they already have… that accepting Christ as your personal Savior is the only way to eternal life. Understand this, all men sin and just one sin damns us to an eternity of punishment. God, as the judge of our actions, requires someone to pay for this sin at the coming judgment or at your death… which ever comes first. For those who have not accepted Christ, they will have to pay with their life. For those who accept the free gift of Christ, He will take your place so that you may have eternal life.


    Now I said the Bible proves of God existence. How? Just because it says there is a God? Well yes, but not just that. It proves there is a God because He has a plan for mankind and He is working that plan right now! A plan designed before the creation of the world and you are part of that plan. The “good news” is you get to decide what part of the plan you want to be part of… those who perishes because they have too much pride to accept Jesus or those who live in splendor with Christ at His return?


    Understand this, God put prophecies in the Bible to foretell the future… No one can foretell the future will accuracy except a Supreme Being controlling every-thing… God working His plan. When you study the things on this website, or in my book, you will see the truth of this because God’s word is explained with mathematics so that no one can dispute or twist the truth. If you believe one plus one equals two, then you will recognize Christ will return in the year 2028 and this cannot be changed because God foretold it thousands of years ago to prove to the unbeliever of His existence.


    The time is shorter than you think. Unbelievable hardship is coming upon the world before this date and the way to avoid as much as possible is to study the word and know what events are coming. To put pride aside and open the door of your heart and let the Holy Spirit come in and dwell in you by accepting Jesus.

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Simple Math.... Belief + Forgiveness = Eternal Life